INSTG018 Introduction to Programming and Database Querying

This module uses JavaScript (ECMAscript) to introduce the fundamental principles of procedural computer programming and scripting languages. It reinforces these concepts by practical application in the context of automated Web browser and document manipulation. Fundamental programming topics include data types, operators, variables, flow control via selection and iteration, arrays and objects, functional abstraction, methods and constructors, abstract data types and pattern matching. Applications include manipulation of Web document frames, browser windows and images, dynamic generation of Web documents, and form verification via regular expressions. The module concludes with a brief introduction to SQL querying of relational databases.

Learning outcomes: By the end of the module, students will have an understanding of the basic principles of procedural computer programming. They will be able to apply this knowledge in order to embed scripts within HTML documents to manipulate frames, browser windows and images, and to generate pages of HTML code dynamically. They will be able to write scripts to perform simple form verification using pattern matching and regular expressions. They will have a basic understanding of relational databases and be able to write SQL queries in order to update and retrieve data sets from such databases.

Assessment: Assessment by coursework only
Compulsory for:
MSc Information Science
Optional for:
MA Archives and Records Management, MA Library and Information Studies, MA Publishing, MA/MSc Digital Humanities, MA in Electronic Communication & Publishing, MRes in Library, Archive & Information Studies. This module is also available for short course students.

Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this module, although some familiarity with basic HTML is assumed
Taught by:
Rob Miller
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