INSTG004 Cataloguing and Classification 1

Cataloguing: Brief history of catalogue codes, in order to familiarize students with catalogues compiled under older rules; development of ISBD and AACR; nature and structure of AACR2; practical descriptive cataloguing; development of MARC format; practical cataloguing using MARC 21 format; nature of online catalogues and problems that arise in using them; cataloguing of Web resources; metadata; OPACs; the future of AACR.

Classification: Intellectual organization of knowledge and the physical arrangement of documents; principles underlying the design and construction of subject indexing tools; factors affecting subject access to documents both in physical and digital environments; how to identify the semantic content of documents; practical work in application of standards for subject description, specifically LCSH, and classification schemes DDC, UDC, LCC.

Compulsory for: MA LIS
Taught by:
Vanda Broughton and Anne Welsh
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