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INSTG006 Managing Collections

This course considers the processes of library collection development including selection and acquisition principles and methods; retention, preservation and security policies; storage policies and planning; use and users; access to and promotion of collections; service provision; information literacy; evaluation and retention of collections; preservation strategies and conservation options. Issues relating to acquisition, access and preservation of electronic material and special issues relating to serials, interlibrary loan and document supply, financial issues, co-operation and resource sharing will be discussed.

Students taking this core module will examine in detail the key issues around library collection management as “the process of planning, delivering, maintaining and evaluating a programme of stock acquisition and management which meets current objectives and builds a coherent and reliable collection to allow for future development of the service”. (CILIP PKSB 2012:26) 

By the end of the module, students will:

  • appreciate the importance of an agreed library collection management policy and understand how to develop and follow such a policy; 
  • have knowledge and understanding of a range of budgeting techniques relating to collections; 
  • understand the value of engagement with users and other stakeholders in terms of managing and making collections accessible; 
  • identify various types of resources and appreciate the differences between their management; 
  • appreciate the impact of digital content including repositories, serials and e-books; 
  • have an understanding of the importance of successfully marketing a collection; 
  • have an awareness of the processes around disaster and change management and preservation. 

Guide programme (for detailed schedule registered students access Moodle)

  • What is library collection management: Introduction to the module (including assessment, feedback and other arrangements), Aims and objectives, What is library Collection management/ development?
  • Selection and acquisition processes, Resource life cycle, maintenance, evaluation relegation 
  • CM policies and processes: The nature, purpose and scope of a library collection management policy, Budgeting and costs: Resource budget allocation and monitoring, Budget cycles, expenditure, spending trends, Deriving budgets, zero based budgeting, budget formulae
  • Users, Information literacy and digital scholarship: Information literacy models, user research, delivering information literacy, researcher development.
  • Resources, access and collaboration: Resource management processes, Resource formats and description, Resource sharing, Collaborative collection management, Shared services
  • Scholarly communications: Repositories, E-Books and Serials
  • Service provision: Lending services, marketing resources, Publicity 
  • Managing change: moving, adding and losing collections / Sustainability / Preservation: Conservation and preservation techniques, Preservation strategies, policies / Disaster management: Disaster management, Disaster management policies

Preliminary reading - there is no set text for this module. These general texts all contain appropriate materials. You may find them interchangeable and you do not need to read them all. The Introductory chapter of these texts should provide you with a useful initial guide to the subject. We also look very closely at existing Collection Management policies drawn from the information profession - plenty of these available openly on the WWW.

  • Clayton, P. and Gorman, G. E. (2006) Managing information resources in libraries : collection management in theory and practice. London : Facet.
  • Evans, G. & Saponaro, M. (2012) Collection Management Basics. Santa Barbra: Libraries Unlimited.
  • Fieldhouse, M and Marshall, A (2012) Collection development in the digital age. London : Facet
  • Gregory, V. (2011) Collection development and management for 21st century library collections : an introduction. New York : Neal-Schuman.
  • Hoffman, F. and Wood, R. (2005) Library collection development policies: academic, public and special libraries. Oxford : Scarecrow Press
  • Johnson, P. (2009). Fundamentals of collection development & management. 2nd Edition Chicago : American Library Association.

Assessment: Assessment by coursework only
Compulsory for:
MA Library and Information Studies
Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this module
Taught by: Dr Charles Inskip
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