Information Studies


DIS Research seminars

DIS offers a supportive environment within which research across different disciplines can take place. We offer some whole-Department research activities, including a series of lunchtime seminars at which faculty, doctoral students and visiting speakers can give informal papers and lead discussions. refreshments are provided. All are welcome.

Lunchtime seminars are held in Foster Court room G31 from 1-2pm on Wednesdays.

2015-2016 seminars

  • 14 October

What first-class researchers need to know: a seminar and circle of critical friends

Julianne Nyhan (DIS)

A ‘nuts and bolts’ approach to discussing the hallmarks of excellent research

  • 25 November

Andrew Flinn (DIS)

The question of research impact

  • 20 January

Julianne Nyhan (DIS)

Professor Graham Matthews, REF2014 SP36 member, will talk about reflecting on REF2014 and strategies for REF2020

  • 3 February

Myriam Fellous-Sigrist, Research Data Support Officer, UCL Library Services

'Research data management and open access'

  • 2 March

Daniel Boswell (DIS, MA PUblishing)

'Brave Words - Comparisons and Contrasts in two Small-Nation publishing fields'

  • 16 March

Julianne Nyhan (DIS)

Building a successful online presence

  • 8 June at 12 noon

'Discovering ‘minor material’. On the trail of early printed broadsheets in archives and libraries'

Flavia Bruni, Sapienza University of Rome

  • 29 June

Jay Liebowitz (Harrisburg University of Science and Technology): "Successes and Failures of Knowledge Management"

Slides can be downloaded here.


2014-15 seminars

  • 15 October

Future plans and suggestions for research sessions

  •  29 October

Antonis Bikakis, UCL Information Studies

“Machine-Interpretable Online Debates: The Vision of a New Web Paradigm”

  •  12 November

Andrew Flinn, UCL Information Studies

Discussion on research ethics

  • 26 November

Catherine Sharp, UCL Open Access Funding Manager

Adam Cresswell, UCL Research Assessment Support Officer

Discussion on academic outputs, open access and Research Excellence Framework (REF)

Dave’s Research Randomiser

  • 28 January

Future plans and suggestions for research sessions

  • 11 February

Iain Stevenson, UCL Information Studies

‘Teetotums, trains and world domination: geographical games and their information impact and structure, 1790-2000’

  •  11 March

Jim Collins, UCL Corporate Partnerships Manager (SLASH)
What are corporate partnerships?

Existing engagements and how to develop new ones

  • 3 June

Marius Haugen, Senior Research Librarian, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
‘Using Digital Libraries as Primary Research Tool - The Case of Gallica and British Periodicals’

Oliver Duke-Williams, UCL Information Studies

‘Inequality in access to education, and inequality in access to information about allocation of school places’