Recent PhD Completions

  • David Biggs "Records management in the English New Towns, 1961-1999" 2007
  • Jenny Bunn "Multiple narratives, multiple views: exploring the shift from paper to digital" 2011
  • Nai-Cheng Chang "The impact of XML in digital library development" 2006 
  • Ines Cordeiro "Information technology frameworks in LIS: exploring IT constructs as sources of conceptual alignment" 2006
  • Isabel Galina-Russell "The role of non-formal electronic publishing in scholarly communication and publishing" 2009
  • Hamid Jamali “Information-seeking behaviour of physicists and astronomers: an intradisciplinary study” 2008
  • Segomotso Keakopa "Management of electronic records in southern Africa: challenges and opportunities" 2006
  • Helena Korjonen "The dissemination of published and unpublished clinical trial information" 2011
  • Karen Limper-Hertz "The bookbindings in the Bibliotheca Grenvilliana"
  • David Luyombya "Effective public record keeping in Uganda" 2010
  • Nancy McGovern "Digital Preservation and Technology Responsiveness" 2009
  • Ernesto Priego "Comic books in the Digital Age" 2011
  • You Seung Kim “Freedom and regulation on the Information Superhighway: a study of the Internet content rating system in South Korea” 2005
  • Peter Sebina "Freedom of information and records management: a learning curve for Botswana" 2006
  • Aida Slavic “The use of UDC as a search engine for the Internet” 2005
  • Dimitrios Xanthidis “eCommerce in Greece: from a business and a consumer perspective" 2008

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