Information Studies


Survey help: ICT professionals’ perspectives on change in the context of the ‘Brexit’ vote

This research is a longitudinal study which aims to explore the opportunities and responses to change from the ICT sector in dealing with the far-reaching challenge triggered by the UK’s Brexit decision which has global implications. Whilst technology has been a driver of change, the study seeks to better understand ICT sector change when challenged by external drivers. In addition, it seeks to identify opportunities for the ICT/information sector. The study aims to explore perspectives from around the world. The work is a collaboration between Dr Elizabeth Lomas (e.lomas@ucl.ac.uk) at UCL and Prof. Julie McLeod (julie.mcleod@northumbria.ac.uk) at Northumbria University.

Research data is being gathered through surveys over time and Appreciative Inquiry workshops (in the form of focus groups with discussion and mapping activities). The findings from the first survey have been published, see:

Lomas E, McLeod J (2017) ‘Engaging with change: Information and communication technology professionals’ perspectives on change in the context of the ‘Brexit’ vote’, PLoS ONE 12(11): https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0186452.

The current survey link is available at https://opinio.ucl.ac.uk/s?s=54392 . This will close on 27th April 2018. We would be most grateful for your contributions and passing on the link to contacts.