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Claire Ross

Claire Ross is Research Assistant for the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities and Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis on the TOTEM Labs project. TOTEM Labs is a UCL Enterprise initiative which aims to build and capitalise on previous TOTEM projects within the retail, service, health, transport, built environment and cultural sectors to produce a series of social and commercial enterprises ‘powered by Tales of Things’ with users and knowledge transfer ranging from the general public to small and medium enterprises through to large organisations, and advertisers. 

Claire is the lead Researcher on the QRator project. QRator is a collaborative project between the Centre for Digital Humanities (UCLDH), UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), and UCL Museums and Collections, to develop new kinds of content, co-curated by the public, museum curators, and academic researchers, to enhance museum interpretation, community engagement and establish new connections to museum exhibit content. Supported by the UCL Public Engagement Unit.

Claire is also one of the research technical partners for the Social Interpretation  project with the Imperial War Museums, Knowledge Integration and Gooii. The Social Interpretation project is a Research and Development exercise joint funded by the NESTA / Arts Council / AHRC digital R&D Fund, and Imperial War Museums (IWM). At its heart, it aims to bring successful social interactions already found online and apply them across IWM’s collections – making social objects out of museums objects.  I focus on user centred design elements of the project.

Claire's research focuses on evaluating and measuring the value, use and impact of digital technology in museums. The key focus is to investigate how digital technologies in museums are impacting on visitor experience. Concentrating on the complexities of visitor experience mediated through digital technologies; investigating whether or not, and how, digital technology can impact on visitor engagement and interaction with museum content.

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