Anthony Watkinson

Anthony Watkinson

Anthony Watkinson’s central interest is in the transition between scholarly communication in print and scholarly communication in digital form and with the interactions between different players in the information chain finding their feet in the digital environment. He has written on Electronic Solutions to the Problems of Monograph Publishing, Securing Authenticity of Scholarly Paternity and Integrity and most recently on Open Access with special reference to funding models. He has taken part in CIBER projects especially those concerned with online usage by researchers.

Anthony Watkinson has worked in academic life and has been a scholarly librarian but for thirty years he held senior management positions in a number of leading publishers including Academic Press (editorial director), Oxford University Press (head of journals), Chapman and Hall (publishing director) and Thomson Science and Professional (intellectual property director). From 1998 he was an information consultant working on a range of projects particularly in intellectual property and for associations seeking a publishing partner. Following the demise of Chapman & Hall he became a publishing consultant primarily working with learned societies.

Since 2002 he has held a portolio of jobs. Between 2002 and 2010 he was global dentistry publisher at Wiley-Blackwell. During this period he was also Director of Education and Training for the International Association of STM Publishers for whom he still runs courses and seminars. He has been a consultant to the Publishers Association since 1999. He is a founder of CIBER Research ( and organises and chairs events for the Charleston Conference and the Fiesole Retreats.

His post at UCL is part-time. He is best contacted at the home e-mail address and telephone numbers listed first below

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