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Mapping the research landscape
2006, UCL, contact Dr Elizabeth Shepherd e.shepherd@ucl.ac.uk
Funded by a British Academy Small Research Grant, this project aimed to improve the quality and quantity of academic research in the discipline of archives and records management by creating a map of the research landscape for the discipline in the UK. The research sought to establish the state of academic and professional research during the period 1995-2006, evaluate the output of research in the UK, establish how academics and practitioners in archives and records management have used research findings, identify areas of weakness and strength for research in the UK, identify any research opportunities and make proposals for future priorities for a UK research agenda in archives and records management.

LEADERS (Linking EAD to Electronically Retrievable Sources)
2001-2004, UCL, Professor Susan Hockey
The LEADERS project developed a generic computer-based toolset to enable the creation of an online environment which integrated EAD encoded finding aids and EAC authority records with TEI encoded transcripts and digitised images of archival material, in a way that was flexible enough to handle a wide variety of archives. The aim was to contribute significantly to the enhanced provision of remote user access to archives. The project was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board.

Useful research web links

FARMER UK Forum for Archives and Records Management Education and Research
The Forum for Archives and Records Management Education and Research for the UK and Ireland (FARMER) was formed in 1999 for teaching and research staff in the area of archives and records management in universities in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The Forum aims to provide a focus for the discipline of archives and records management in an educational context. Its website has information about UK university departments in the discipline, publications and web resources.

ICA-SAE International Council on Archives, Section on Archival Education.
The Section for Archival Education and Training is an organ of the International Council on Archives (ICA) which is the international non-governmental organisation representing the interests of archives and archivists.
The ICA Section for Archival Education and Training aims to establish closer contacts among teachers of archival science and to work towards the development of methodology and preparation of tools to assist them in their teaching tasks and in their contributions to the development of the profession. Archival education and training institutions and teachers of archival science have a crucial role to play in pursuing the establishment of a discipline of archival science which is scientifically and intellectually autonomous, administratively effective, and recognised by society. Teaching and research are principal ways in which to reach these objectives.Current projects include a research agenda and research database.

Research in archives and records management bibliography
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