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About the Programme


The MSc in Digital Anthropology, the teaching arm of the Centre for Digital Anthropology, is a cutting-edge taught postgraduate programme that combines professional development and methods training, with a solid grounding in anthropological theory and critical analysis. Based within the Material Culture section of the UCL Anthropology Department, the MSc is the first program to embed digital studies so deeply within anthropology. We locate the complex field of information and communication technologies, digital media and tools in a global, comparative context, using the rich tools of field-based methods and their commitment to long-term study and community.

Digital technologies have become ubiquitous. From mobile phones, personal computers, to public records keeping, voting, and surgical procedures. Increasingly every aspect of many peoples lives is experienced digitally. Museum displays migrate to the internet, family communication in the Diaspora is dominated by new media, labour is intermingled with automated systems. More and more people are defined by their exclusion from these new digital worlds, even as they may provide the raw materials for these digital infrastructures. As well as studying the differential take-up of digital technologies, today's students need to become proficient with digital technologies as research and communication tools, to understand their histories and limitations. In the MSc students will be trained for further research and involvement in this emergent world through introduction to anthropological methods, to critical thinking from an anthropological perspective, and a specific engagement with key sites and practices in which people interact with digital technologies around the world.

This programme is suitable both for those with a prior degree in anthropology but also for those with degrees in other disciplines who wish to be trained in anthropological and related approaches to digital culture. In addition to our intensive practical and research methods and theory-based seminars, students will have the opportunity to network with practitioners through seminar series and workshops, to arrange internships, and develop their own intensive research projects.

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