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Anna Wojnarowska

Anna Wojnarowska

Anna Wojnarowska, User Experience Researcher, Experientia, Turin

After completing MSc in Digital Anthropology in October 2011, I joined a design consultancy in Turin, Italy, as a researcher. During the day at work we plan, conduct and analyze user research, in order to design products and services that correspond to people’s needs. We work with the designers, trying to create design solutions together, which would translate our research results into tangible product/service ideas. Having gained a deepened understanding of the digital reality during the studies, I find it very exciting to face this process on a daily basis.

A year at UCL opened my horizons, allowed me to gain an external perspective on digital social phenomena and shaped my goals for future, as I see it these days. An anthropological approach certainly influences the way I think at work and the way I understand people’s interactions, which - I hope - is valuable for my coworkers. Thanks to a multidisciplinary background (I also hold an MA in Social Psychology), I discovered an area that I feel comfortable in and am involved in projects that give me great personal satisfaction.


Dissertation abstract, presented at Medicine 2.0 conference in Boston (Sept 2012): http://www.medicine20congress.com/ocs/index.php/med/med2012/paper/view/972
What we do at work: http://experientia.com/