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Healing Heritage

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The Resources team is responsible for managing and processing donations to UCL, ensuring the relevant administration is carried out. This is an essential part of good donor relations. 

The Resources team can offer advice and support if you are currently fundraising and accepting donations for UCL, or if you plan to in the future. On your behalf, the team can:

  • Record gifts on the central UCL database
  • Claim Gift Aid (if applicable) and provide the relevant gift receipts to the donor
  • Prepare acknowledgement letters following a gift and ensure the donor receives the appropriate reports and updates on how their money has been spent
  • Assess if a gift is a philanthropic donation or sponsorship, which will affect how the money is used and how it is recognised

For further advice and information, please contact Jennie Campbell, Head of Resources (Tel: 020 3108 3803 ext. 53803).