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Breast cancer screening reduces deaths but leads to overdiagnosis

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Breast cancer ribbon

An independent panel of experts, led by Professor Sir Michael Marmot (UCL Epidemiology and Public Health), has concluded that routine breast cancer screening reduces the risk of dying from breast cancer, but also results in overdiagnosis.

Europe’s first research centre to battle birth defects

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Birth Defects Research Centre

Better ways to tackle birth defects will be championed at the official launch of the Newlife Birth Defects Research Centre (BDRC) on Thursday 25 October 2012.

UCL Behaviour Change Month – November 2012

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UCL Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing

UCL Behaviour Change Month in November 2012 will comprise a series of cross-disciplinary talks, discussions and workshops, and lead up to a £10,000 research prize workshop in January 2013.

Psychological interventions could reduce mental health problems after intensive care

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Dr Dorothy Wade

A study by UCL researchers at University College Hospital’s intensive care unit has suggested that psychological interventions could reduce the mental health problems experienced by many patients.

Children at risk of eating disorders have higher IQ and better working memory

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Ice cream from camknows on Flickr

Children at risk for eating disorders on average have a higher IQ and better working memory but are less able to control automatic thoughts, according to researchers at the UCL Institute of Child Health.

Report reveals key concerns of UK’s ageing society

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Happy older person from Pennstatelive on Flickr

One in six people in England aged over 50 are socially isolated. They have few socially orientated hobbies, little civic or cultural engagement with society, and may have very limited social networks. This was a key finding from the most recent report of the UCL-led English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA), a comprehensive study that aims to understand the economic, social, psychological and health concerns of an ageing society.

International study finds 21 genes tied to cholesterol levels

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In a UCL-led study, published in the American Journal of Human Genetics, an international consortium of over 180 scientists report the identification of 21 new gene variants associated with cholesterol predictors of heart disease and metabolic disorders.

UCL Discovery downloads surpass 2m

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The total number of papers, reports and PhD dissertations downloaded from UCL Discovery, the university’s Open Access repository, surpassed 2,000,000 during September 2012.

Obesity and under-nutrition prevalent in long-term refugees

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Refugees in Western Sahara (from Saharauiak on Flickr)

A quarter of households in refugee camps in Algeria are currently suffering from the double burden of excess weight and under-nutrition. According to a study published in the journal PLOS Medicine, obesity is an emerging threat to this community, with half of women of childbearing age being overweight, whilst nutritional deficiencies such as iron-deficiency anaemia and stunted growth remain a persistent problem.

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