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UCL Chemistry students wow Year 8 pupils

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Chemistry outreach

What do you get if you combine 70 school children, enthusiastic teachers, magnets, bubbles, giant models of molecules and hard water? Answer: the UCL Chemistry schools Outreach day!

Dark energy camera records first images

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Dark Energy Camera

Eight billion years ago, rays of light from distant galaxies began their long journey to Earth. On 12 September, that ancient starlight found its way to a mountaintop in Chile, where the newly-constructed Dark Energy Camera, the most powerful sky-mapping machine ever created, captured and recorded it for the first time.

French Embassy funds postdoc workshops

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République Française

The French Embassy has funded a series of UCL collaborative postdoctoral research workshops on topics in science or technology.

Record support for early career researchers 

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Researchers at UCL have been awarded a total of 17 Starting Grants by the European Research Council (ERC), the highest number awarded at UCL under a single funding call to date. These grants have a total value of €21.6 million. 

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