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Reef built by animals 550 million years ago discovered

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Researchers fossil hunting in Namibia

Newly found fossils show animals built living reefs twenty million years earlier than previously thought.

Climate scientists need professional body, says UCL policy commission

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Time for Change Report

Climate scientists need to establish a professional body to help define their roles, values and practices to satisfy society’s needs, and to provide guidance to improve their training and development, according to a report published today by the UCL Policy Commission on the Communication of Climate Science. 

Queen’s Birthday Honours for the UCL community

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David Fish

A number of people from the UCL community have been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

Hunt for extraterrestrial life gets massive methane boost

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Extrasolar planet HD189733b rises from behind its star. Is there methane on this planet? (Credit: ESA)

A powerful new model to detect life on planets outside of our solar system, more accurately than ever before, has been developed by UCL researchers.

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