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Fossil reveals oldest evidence of live birth in reptiles

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Yabeinosaurus fossil

A fossil from north-eastern China has revealed that terrestrial reptiles were giving birth to live young at least as early as 120 million years ago.

Rock paper scissors players are natural copycats

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Rock paper scissors

Players of the game rock paper scissors subconsciously copy each other’s hand shapes, significantly increasing the chance of the game ending in a draw, according to new research. 

UCL at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

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Solar flare 2006

This year more scientists from UCL than ever are taking part in the Royal Society’s Summer Science exhibition, which showcases the most exciting cutting-edge science and technology research from around the country.

Ancestry of polar bears traced to Ireland

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Polar bears

An international team of scientists has discovered that the female ancestor of all living polar bears was a brown bear that lived in present-day Britain and Ireland during the last ice age - 20,000 to 50,000 years ago.

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