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Introduce specialised teaching for dyscalculia in schools, urge experts

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Maths blackboard

Specialised teaching for individuals with dyscalculia, the mathematical equivalent of dyslexia, should be made widely available in mainstream education, according to a review of current research published in the journal Science.

Crossing your arms relieves pain

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Crossed hands

Crossing your arms reduces the intensity of pain you feel when receiving a painful stimulus on the hand, according to research by scientists at UCL.

Former UCL PhD student wins most promising thesis award

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Dr Carlos Carmona-Fontaine

The 2011 Beddington Medal awarded by the British Society for Developmental Biology (BSDB) has been won by Carlos Carmona-Fontaine (UCL Cell and Developmental Biology, 2010).

School of Pharmacy will merge with UCL

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Sir John Tooke and Anthony Smith

The Council of the School of Pharmacy, University of London, today decided by a decisive majority that the School's long-term future would be best secured through a merger with UCL.

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