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Refining the genetic causes of schizophrenia

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Pipetting genetic samples

An international study involving UCL has made advances in understanding the ways in which genetic risk factors alter gene function in schizophrenia.

Eye test may detect Parkinson’s before symptoms appear

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Watch the Reuters video of the story: An Eye test for Parkinson's

A new low-cost and non-invasive eye test could detect Parkinson’s disease before symptoms including tremors and muscle stiffness develop, according to new research in rats led by scientists at UCL.
Led by Professor Cordeiro, researchers at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology have discovered a new method of observing changes in the retina which can be seen in Parkinson’s before changes in the brain occur and the first symptoms become evident.

Faculty Newsletter Summer 2016

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The Faculty of Brain Sciences Newsletter for Summer 2016 is out now.

People favour expressive, communicative robots over efficient, effective ones

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BERT Robot

Making an assistive robot partner expressive and communicative is likely to make it more satisfying to work with and lead to users trusting it more, even if it makes mistakes, a new UCL-led study suggests.

Eye test may detect Parkinson’s before symptoms appear

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A new low-cost and non-invasive eye test could detect Parkinson’s disease before symptoms including tremors and muscle stiffness develop, according to new research in rats led by scientists at UCL. 

UCL climbs Shanghai world rankings to 17th place

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UCL Quad detail

UCL has risen to 17th place in the latest Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), published this week by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, retaining its position as one of only three UK universities in the top 20 worldwide.

Prof Xavier Golay Appointed new Vice Dean (Enterprise)

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Prof Xavier Golay

Prof Xavier Golay (IoN) has been appointed as the new Vice Dean (Enterprise) for the Faculty of Brain Sciences. Prof Golay heads up the Department of Brain Repair and Rehabilitation in the Institute of Neurology, which brings together several different areas in basic and clinical neuroscience. He has recent experience in fostering collaborations with industry and establishing spin-out companies, including Gold Standard Phantoms, a company that enables quantitative medical imaging, and Imgenious, an equipment and software company for medical imaging. You can also read more about some of Prof Golay’s recent research into how sugar can detect cancer here.

Researchers discover what makes mice freeze or flee

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Graphical abstract

Mice are likely to freeze at the sight of small slow-moving shapes and flee from fast approaching ones, finds new UCL research.

Santen and UCL to collaborate on ophthalmic research and education

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Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Santen) and UCL have announced a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on ophthalmic research and education.

UCL researchers honoured by The Royal Society

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Royal Society Prize Winners

The outstanding achievements of three UCL researchers have been recognised by The Royal Society, the UK’s national Academy of science, in this year’s Awards and Prizes announcement.

British Academy elects new Fellows

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Congratulations to the three members of the SLMS community recognised by the British Academy: (l-r) Professor Sophie Scott, Professor Nilli Lavie and Professor Robyn Carston

UCL researchers elected to British Academy

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British Academy Fellows

Four academics from UCL have recently been elected as Fellows of the British Academy, in recognition of their outstanding research.

Q&A with Manuj Sharma - Review of the Arena One Teaching Associate programme

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With the Arena One: Teaching Associate Programme, you can join a cohort of postgraduate teachers to develop your teaching practice and work towards a nationally recognised teaching award; an Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. Manuj Sharma is a recent alumnus of the Arena One Teaching Associate programme, so we talked to him about what prompted him to take the course and his experiences of it. 

Professor Marcel Levi to join UCLH as Chief Executive

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Marcel Levi

UCLH has announced the appointment of Professor Marcel Levi as its new Chief Executive. He is due to take up the post on 3 January 2017, succeeding UCLH’s current Chief Executive, Sir Robert Naylor.

Faculty of Brain Sciences: Comms is Key

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Professor Sophie Scott

The Faculty of Brain Sciences threw their first-ever ‘Communication is Key’ event on Wednesday 29th June 2016. The theme of the event was ‘Reaching Your Audience Online,’ and it was open to staff from all areas across the Faculty, from research to Professional Services. By demonstrating best practice and giving practical advice, the event aimed to empower Faculty staff to use new and innovative communication methods to deliver their key messages and connect with audiences.

SLMS Researcher wins Rogue Resolutions Challenge

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Dr Helen Nuttall (UCL Psychology and Language Sciences) was one of the winners of the inaugural international competition.

Hear from the Provost how the result of the EU referendum effects our students

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The outcome of the referendum is now known. While UCL did not take a formal position during the referendum campaign, the Provost gave his personal view and you will have heard many other voices from the UCL community. The loss of EU membership will have a clear impact on universities such as UCL, particularly around the mobility of students and funding of research.

SLMS Education Showcase

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The SLMS Education Showcase was organized by the SLMS Education Network and hosted by UCL School of Pharmacy on Friday June 17th. 

New appointees - NIHR Research Professorships 2016

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Of four prestigious NIHR research professorships in 2016, two have gone to UCL researchers who are also UCLH consultants; Professor Rachel Batterham (obesity) and Dr Alexander Leff (neurology).

Simple reward-based learning suits adolescents best

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Pocket money

Adolescents focus on rewards and are less able to learn to avoid punishment or consider the consequences of alternative actions, finds a new UCL-led study.

Heart drug could reduce diabetes related blindness

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Diabetic macular oedema

Researchers at UCL and Queen’s University Belfast have discovered that a drug originally developed to treat cardiovascular disease has the potential to reduce diabetes related blindness.

New equation reveals how other people’s fortunes affect our happiness

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A new equation, showing how our happiness depends not only on what happens to us but also how this compares to other people, has been developed by UCL researchers funded by Wellcome.

Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour opens

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Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

The Sainsbury Wellcome Centre was officially opened on 23 May by Nobel Laureate Professor Eric Kandel.

Cancer drugs could target autoimmune diseases

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Image showing damage caused by uveitis in the untreated mouse eye (left) and the treated eye (right)

Drugs currently being trialled in cancer patients have been used to successfully target an autoimmune condition in mice at UCL and King’s College London.

Declining dopamine may explain why older people take fewer risks

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Great Brain Experiment trials

Older people are less willing to take risks for potential rewards and this may be due to declining levels of dopamine in the brain, finds a new UCL study of over 25,000 people funded by Wellcome.

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