Upcoming conference

Conference: Global Mental Health

Friday 24th June

10am - 5pm

Darwin Lecture Theatre

This conference will move beyond the UK context, to consider the challenges of promoting mental health across the globe. Our speakers will provide an international perspective on a range of vitally important topics in the field of mental health outside high-income Western countries. The talks will address several key themes including cultural differences in the conceptualisation of psychological distress, ways of delivering evidence-based mental health services and policy in low and middle income countries, and inequities in mental health and how to tackle them.

We are used to thinking of unmet need in the context of policy and service provision in the UK but the 84% of the world’s population who live in low and middle income countries (LMIC) face even greater barriers in accessing effective intervention and prevention programmes to reduce mental health difficulties than we do in the Western world. For the first time, the UN has enshrined in its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a number of crucial targets relevant to mental health professionals, including reducing violence and maltreatment, reducing inequality and, indeed, promoting mental health. Such positive steps by the UN will create opportunities for psychological approaches to make a difference on a global scale. The lack of infrastructure and limited knowledge about programmes that can work and be sustained in LMIC countries presents many challenges. Action and creative solutions are needed by the mental health community.

Speakers Include:

  • Professor Vikram Patel (Professor of International Mental Health & Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow): Rethinking psychiatry: How global mental health is reshaping the field
  • Dr Ken Carswell (Psychosocial Consultant, World Health Organization)
  • Professor Graham Thornicroft, Professor of Community Psychiatry, Kings College London: Strengthening mental health systems in low and middle income countries
  • Dr Katrina Scior, Senior Lecturer, University College London & Dr Olayinka Akindayemi, Director of the Children’s Developmental Centre, Lagos, Nigeria: Stigma directed at people with intellectual disabilities: A global mental health issue

Chaired by Professor Pasco Fearon, University College London


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