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Below are some pointers that have proven helpful in past conferences in keeping the information accessible to both deaf and hearing participants. Your collaboration will help to establish and support an excellent environment for communicating scholarly, scientific discourse.

Interpreter preparation and technical requirements:

Please provide a draft of your Powerpoint presentation, poster, or outline/notes, and if possible, the text of your talk to TISLR2013interpreting@gmail.com, no later than WEDNESDAY 19 JUNE, 2013. This is important because your presentation/poster is likely to be interpreted between at least 2 sets of languages (BSL/English and ASL/English) and in many cases more than that. It is therefore essential that we receive your preparation materials by this time in order for our interpreting teams to prepare. This will ensure that your talk or poster is communicated as accurately as possible to all delegates. The preparation that you send does not have to be the final version (i.e. exactly what you will present); a draft will suffice.

Please include in your email:

1.The first/corresponding author’s name and the title of your talk/poster in the subject heading of your email

2. Author name in the name of the attachment, a tag to indicate it is a draft form, and also the date of submission: e.g. AUTHORNAME_DRAFT_DATE.ext – e.g. Woll_DRAFT_19June2013.ppt.

In addition for paper presenters only:

3. Specify what software you will use for your presentation (options are MS Powerpoint for PC, MS Powerpoint for Mac, or Apple Keynote). We strongly recommend that you use the computers (PC/Mac) that will be provided in the theatre, but if you must use your own laptop, please inform us by this date as well.

4. Any terms or signs that may have very specific usage or novel application in your presentation.

5. Any additional technical requirements.

6. If you will be available to meet with interpreters in the days before the conference starts (i.e. Tues 9th July or before), please let us know your availability (which days and roughly what times). Otherwise we will try to arrange meetings for you between 10th and 13th July during the conference (more info about during-conference interpreter meetings to come mid-late June).

In addition, for presenters of talks, if you will be using slides, the final draft must be submitted to tislr2013@ucl.ac.uk, no later than THURSDAY 4 JULY, 2013, so that we may pre-load your slides to the system that will be used in the theatre. If your file(s) are large (over 5MB total), please send them via UCL Dropbox (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/dropbox/). (Click on “drop off”, then fill in your name and email under “From” and tislr2013@ucl.ac.uk under “To”.) We will aim to send you a confirmation of receipt within 2 working days (i.e. by Mon 7th July).

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