Dr Tanya Denmark


In March 2012 I started working on a new three year project alongside Gary Morgan, Chloe Marshall and Nicola Botting. The project looks at executive function ability in deaf children aged between 5-11. For more information please see the poster attached here.  

I am also involved in work with deaf older adults and executive function with Jo Atkinson and Indie Johal.

From 2010-2012 I was working as a research associate on the Deaf with Dementia Project, a collaboration with DCAL, City University, University of Manchester and RAD. For part of the project I worked with Joanna Atkinson, Jane Marshall and Bencie Woll on the 'older deaf healthy brain project', where we developed a British Sign Language Cognitive Screen assessing normative memory function in deaf adults aged between 50-89 years old (see Joanna Atkinson's page for more details).

I work as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist providing cognitive assessment of Deaf BSL users at the Cognitive Disorders Clinic, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist at Sutton Hospital for the older adult community mental health team.

In June 2011 I completed my PhD looking at how deaf children with autism use linguistic and emotional facial expressions when they communicate using BSL.

My other research interests involve atypical sign language, cognitive neuroscience and developmental psychology.

E-mail: Tanya Denmark

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