Rachel England

Rachel England

I am a profoundly Deaf ex-mainstreamer from a hearing family. I was raised orally and at the age of eighteen I learned British Sign Language.
Becoming bilingual and having experienced an identity change inspired me to increase my understanding of the Deaf community.

I graduated from the University of Wolverhampton in 2002 with a BSc/BA Combined in Deaf Studies with Psychology. In 2009 I received my PG Cert in Deaf Studies from the University of Bristol.

Following my undergraduate and postgraduate study I have worked with numerous charities and services working with both Deaf adults and children.

Consequently I discovered my interest in linguistics/psychology research with Deaf children. I am currently working for City University as a full time research assistant with Professor Gary Morgan on the Baby Iconicity Project. This project hopes to investigate whether sign language hinders or accelerates language development as well as how sign language is learnt amongst young children who are exposed to different language experiences at home. I also work outside DCAL with the National Deaf Children's Society in various roles.

Upon completion of this project, I wish to develop my research skills further and pursue a PhD in psycholinguistics with young Deaf children.

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