Katie Mason


I graduated from the University of Manchester with a BSc in Psychology and have a Masters in Psychological Research Methods, which I completed in 2009.

In 2007 I joined DCAL and City University London in as a research assistant working on a project investigating specific language impairment in deaf children acquiring sign language. This was the first major study of language impairment in deaf signing children which aimed to better understand and characterise SLI in sign language, in addition to developing specific tests to identify this group.

I was also involved in the Non-Sign Repetition project at DCAL, which focused on the phonological processing skills of Deaf children who use BSL, whereby the children are asked to copy ‘nonsense-Signs’ of differing phonological complexity

I am currently a PhD student at DCAL under the supervision of Professor Gary Morgan and Dr Chloe Marshall.  My research aims to investigate the relationship between language and executive functions in deaf children through a class-based intervention study.

Email: Kathryn.mason.12@ucl.ac.uk