Kate Rowley

kate rowley

I completed my M.A linguistics at UCL in September 2006.  Prior to this, I studied Deaf Studies at the University of Bristol from 2001-2004 and this course led me to become interested in sign linguistics and sign language research.  In August 2013, I completed an MSc in Psychology Research Methods at UCL and am currently doing a PhD in the department of Cognitive and Perceptual Brain Sciences at UCL.  My PhD study will be looking into the reading abilities of deaf and hearing adults using eye-tracking technology.  My supervisors are Professor Gabriella Vigliocco and Dr Mairead MacSweeney.

My MSc thesis looked into what factors influenced Visual Word Recognition (single word recognition) in deaf and hearing adults. I am currently focusing on getting this work ready for publication and this is the first stage of my PhD. Later on I plan to compare deaf and hearing readers with full sentences and/or paragraphs.

I am also involved in the development and standardisation of the BSL Sentence Repetition Task (BSL SRT), which we hope can be used to assess the language of deaf children and adults of all ages.  I have previously worked on Specific Language Impairment in BSL and looked at the Language and Identity of young deaf people in different educational settings.

I teach basic sign linguistics and sign language acquisition in my spare time and I have worked with the NDCS to deliver training for family support workers. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my research knowledge with the deaf community.

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