Dr. Ros Herman


I qualified as a speech and language therapist and am based at the Language & Communication Science Division, City University London, where I lecture to trainee Speech & Language Therapists and supervise student research projects in the area of communication and deafness. I also run the Sign Language Assessment Clinic, offering independent assessments to Deaf children and adults who communicate in BSL, and run training courses in use of the BSL Production Test for professionals working with Deaf children.

My research is focused on BSL acquisition and assessment, communication interventions with Deaf people and literacy. I was project leader in the production of two assessments of BSL development (the BSL Receptive Skills Test and the BSL Production Test), representing the only norm-referenced tests of any sign language in the world, played an active role in developing the UK national Monitoring Protocol for Deaf Infants & Children and collaborated with DCAL colleagues on a project to standardise the MacArthur Communicative Development Inventory for BSL. I recently worked with DCAL on a project to explore atypical language development in BSL. My current major research study is on literacy and dyslexia in Deaf children.

You can access information on some of my publications here:

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