Dr Christopher Stone

Chris Stone

Having trained as a BSL/English interpreter at the Centre for Deaf Studies, University of Bristol 1995-1997 I work as an interpreter and interpreter trainer primarily based in the UK with some work in Uganda and Finland. I then returned to Bristol to do my PhD looking at Deaf professionals working within the television news rendering English into British Sign Language with Rachel Sutton-Spence as my supervisor and was published in 2009 by Gallaudet University Press.

Within DCAL my post-doctoral research is focussed within the Deaf Individual and the Community Strand undertaking: a longitudinal study examining predictors for sign language learning and sign language interpreter aptitude, this looks at second language acquisition in a new modality (manual gestural as opposed to oral gestural) as well as cognitive predictors for learning and functioning as a sign language interpreter. I have also explored (with Robert Adam and Dr Breda Carty) Deaf people working as translators and interpreters within the Deaf community and at the institutional interface.

As the interpreter co-ordinator of DCAL, my responsibilities include managing interpreters and interpreting in the centre, negotiating the contract on behalf of our staff in receipt of AtW and ensuring access for visitors between our staff. I have also co-ordinated conference and workshop interpreting on DCAL staff’s behalf of teams of interpreters from a variety of countries to ensure optimum communication access for all participants. .

You can access information on some of my publications here.

Direct contact: 020 7679 8686 E-mail: Dr. Christopher Stone