Dr. Joanna Atkinson

Jo Atkinson

I am a researcher and a certified Clinical Psychologist with
additional qualifications in Clinical Neuropsychology. My work cuts
across several fields including: cognitive neuroscience;
neuropsychology and psycholinguistics. My career has focused on both
clinical service development and research. Between 1999-2002 I worked
as a researcher on the Deaf Stroke Project, exploring the impact of
stroke (CVA) on sign language comprehension and production. I
completed a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of
Bristol in 2005 and a post-doctoral diploma in Applied Clinical
Neuropsychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, London in 2008. I have
worked clinically with both deaf and hearing service-users in: mental
health; community learning disability; older adult and neuropsychology
teams within the National Health Service.

My research interests include: The impact of neurological conditions
such as stroke, dementia and autism on BSL; schizophrenia, psychosis
and voice-hallucinations in deaf people and the clinical assessment of
acquired and developmental neurological conditions in Deaf BSL users.

Current projects include:

1) Deaf with dementia and Healthy Deaf Older Brain projects-which involve developing new cognitive screening and memory tests for deaf BSL users. (Deaf with Dementia poster)

2) Executive function in deaf signers

3) Voice hallucinations in speech and sign language - a comparison of phenomena in hearing and deaf people with schizohrenia

Jo Atkinson works as an Honorary Clinical Psychologist providing cognitive assessment of Deaf BSL users at the Cognitive Disorders Clinic, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery


You can access some of my publicationsĀ here.



I worked on the Deaf Stroke Project which ran from 1999-2002 at City University and was funded by the Wellcome Trust. This project has ended but there is some useful information about stroke and Deaf BSL users under the following links:

Both leaflets are designed to be visually accessible to deaf people who have aphasia (acquired language difficulties) after suffering a stroke.



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