Dr Christopher Stone

Chris Stone

Christopher Stone, PhD, joined the Department of Interpretation at Gallaudet University spring 2013 as an Associate Professor and is serving as the MAI Program Coordinator. He earned his PhD in Sign Language Interpreting from the University of Bristol (2006) where he researched Deaf translators working within television news rendering English into British Sign Language, which resulted in his publication of Towards a Deaf Translation Norm (Gallaudet University Press 2009).

He is currently in receipt of a Spencer Foundation grant for the project "The development of Deaf legal discourse", which examines the use of ASL by Deaf lawyers. He has explored (with Dr. Robert Adam and Dr. Breda Carty) Deaf people working as translators and interpreters within the Deaf community and at the institutional interface. He is also studying on Deaf/nonDeaf interpreting teams in international conference settings with Dr. Debra Russell. His first postdoctoral research post was based at the Deafness Cognition and Language (DCAL) research centre, University College, London, undertaking a longitudinal study examining predictors for sign language learning and sign language interpreter aptitude, which he is currently completing.

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