Dr Jordan Fenlon


I am a Research Associate currently working on a DCAL associated project titled 'Directional Verbs in BSL'. This project is a corpus-based study (using the BSL Corpus) looking at variation and change in the use of directional verbs. This study links to my primary research interests which centre around understanding the linguistics of sign language (chiefly British Sign Language) through corpus-based research. Prior to this, I was a post-doctoral researcher on the British Sign Language Corpus Project (a DCAL associated project running from 2008-2011) and was responsible for the creation and management of the corpus data as well as being involved in the subsequent studies on variation and lexical frequency. I am also interested in lexicography and am currently involved in the creation of BSL SignBank, the first online corpus-based dictionary of BSL, which is being developed as part of DCAL's aims within Strand 1 (Sign Language Documentation and Change).

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