Executive function in older deaf adults

Joanna Atkinson, Tanya Denmark, Indie Beedie

We have collected a large amount of data from 127 older deaf adults
aged 50-89 years attending the England Deaf Darby and Joan holiday
camp at Butlins, Skegness in October 2012. We would like to give a big
thanks to all the participants and the EDDJ committee for their

We now begin the huge task of analysing the data. We are looking at
relationships between language, executive function and wellbeing in
older age. We are particularly looking at whether an earlier age of
sign language acquisition and BSL fluency impacts the ability to plan,
be flexible in problem solving or to inhibit responses when necessary.
We will look at whether there is any relationship between these skills
and how satisfied deaf people are with life as they get older.

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