Autism Checklist

Deaf Signing Children's Communication & Social Interaction Checklist (DSC-CSIC) - Revised Version

The questionnaire has been updated to to increase its sensitivity for this group of children. Parents, clinicians and researchers can download the questionnaire here, complete it, and then send it to:


49 Gordon Square,



The proposed age range for children is 3 – 19 years; however, it is important that the questionnaire only be completed for children who can produce utterances longer than single signs: simple sentences in sign language or in a mixture of speech and signing.

When the authors have received a sufficient number of completed questionnaires, further statistical analysis will be carried out in order to enable the questionnaire to be standardized so that it can be used as a screening assessment in a range of educational and clinical settings.  This in turn will make an important contribution to the diagnostic process for this group of complex deaf children. Thank you for your help.

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