STaR: A New Computer-Based Speechreading and Reading Intervention for Deaf Children


Researchers at the Deafness Cognition and Language Centre, University College London have designed some fun space-themed computer games that aim to improve speechreading (lipreading) and reading skills in young deaf children.  

You can go to for a short demo of one of the games from the intervention.

You can also read more about the research behind this project here

We would like to invite children to participate in a trial of this intervention that is beginning in September 2014. We are looking for children who are:

  1. Currently in Reception or Year 1 at school
  2. Severely or profoundly deaf in both ears, with onset of deafness before they were 12 months old
  3. Likely to be able to concentrate on a computer-based task for 10 minutes at a time (because the intervention involves playing training games on the computer at school for 10 minutes a day)

If you know of any children who may be able to take part, please do contact us using the details below:

Dr Hannah Pimperton


Phone: 02076 791123

Skype: hannah.pimperton

Dr Mairéad Macsweeney


Phone: 02076 791157

Skype: mairead.macs

This research is funded by the Wellcome Trust.