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Annual Academic Public Health  training open day

Date: 2 September 2014

Time: 2-5pm

Location: rooms G37&38


1-19 Torrington Place

London WC1E 7HB

Further details to follow in due course.


HSRN Symposium 19-20 June 2014, Nottingham

The Health Services Research Network (HSRN) Symposium presented the leading edge of health services research. The multidisciplinary programme included research presentations and posters, plenaries from research and service leaders, and commissioned themes.

The following abstracts were accepted at the Symposium from researchers at DAHR.

Developing and implementing service innovation in the provision of glaucoma outpatient clinics - the problem of aligning multiple organisational actors (pdf)

Factors that influence patient and public views about proposals for major service change - evidence from the English NHS (pdf)

Factors that influence patient choices about where to access care in an emergency - a qualitative enquiry (pdf)

Improving quality through interdisciplinarity - the account of a collaboration between operational researchers and social scientists (pdf)

Improving the effectiveness of multidisciplinary team meetings - assessing the predictors of decision implementation (pdf)

Spanning Boundaries in Academic Health Science Centres - the Role of Clinical Academics (pdf)

The influence of system-wide stroke service reconfiguration on care provision in two large conurbations in England (pdf)

Find out more at http://www.hsrnsymposium.co.uk/


Date Speaker(s) Organisation Topic
13 March 2014
Naomi Fulop, John Gabbay and Andrée le May, chaired by Bill Lucas UCL, University of Southampton and University of Winchester, on behalf of The Health Foundation
Quality improvement - the role of context and how to manage it (webinar)
21 March 2014
Charlotte Ashton
Camden & Islington Public Health Public Health in Local Authorities – The first 12 months (pdf)
10 April 2014
Gabriella Conti
UCL The Health Effects of Early Childhood Interventions (pdf)
29 May 2014
Jeffrey Braithwaite University of New South Wales, Australia Resilient health care: re-conceptualising patient safety (pdf)
13 June 2014
Steve Pudney
University of Essex
Nonparametric estimation of a compensating variation: the cost of disability (pdf)
16 July 2014
Sarah Garner NICE
Research & Development at NICE (pdf)
23 September 2014
Ramani Moonesinghe
Primum non nocere: why improving surgical outcome should be a public health priority (pdf)
2 October 2014
Nicholas Freemantle UCL Replicating randomised trials of treatments in observational settings using propensity scores - Fisher's Aphorisms (pdf)
18 November 2014
Sarah Price
Haringey CCG

Please contact Barbara Bonney (b.bonney@ucl.ac.uk) for further information and to register your interest.


Qualitative Methods Group

All meetings are held on Wednesdays from 4-5 pm.

Date Room Speaker Department Theme
6 February 2014  G43 Cliodhna O’Connor Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology Methods to analyse scientific coverage in the popular press
26 March 2014  G43 Abigail Baim-Lance DAHR Using qualitative methods as clinical quality improvement activities
16 April 2014  105 Simon Turner DAHR The use of mixed-methods to conduct observational work, such as combining ethnographic techniques with operational research
21 May 2014  105 Penny Xanthopoulou DAHR A topic related to her research
18 June 2014  105 All DAHR
Article discussion, Mary Dixon-Woods et al. on ex-post theory work (Milbank Quarterly 2011, 89 (2): 167-205)
9 July 2014
Ben Gardner Sood EPH
Teaching qualitative methods
13 August 2014
Jessica Sheringham and Abigail Baim-Lance DAHR
Analysing COPD findings
17 September 2014
Penny Xanthopoulou DAHR
A topic related to her research
15 October 2014
105 Simon Turner DAHR The use of mixed-methods to conduct observational work
12 November 2014
Cecilia Vindrola DAHR
Techniques for the Analysis of Illness and Treatment Narratives

Please contact Abigail Baim-Lance (a.baim-lance@ucl.ac.uk) with any queries.