Health Foundation Improvement Science Fellowship

March 2013- February 2016

Key contact: Dr Sonya Crowe

Infant deaths within the first year of follow-up after cardiac surgery occur at a similar rate to deaths within hospital, with medically complex babies and those from more deprived areas believed to be at greatest risk. In this project, I aim to reduce these infant deaths in the community by improving the design of a follow-up service using Operational Research. This will involve developing analytical models to identify and explore effective strategies for targeting limited resources to infants with different levels of clinical and social risk of adverse outcome. I will quantify relationships between aspects of service design and clinical, patient and resource outcomes with the aim of informing both the initial choice of service design and its periodic review and improvement over time.

In a parallel strand of work, I will collaborate with Prof Naomi Fulop and Dr Simon Turner to conduct an ethnographic study of the barriers and facilitators to my work in delivering these intended improvements so that I can adapt my approach to better effect. I will capture and disseminate emerging findings about effective implementation of Operational Research more widely in order to enhance its potential for transforming how healthcare organisations use knowledge and information to improve services.

More information about Sonya and her project can be found here.