An economic analysis of the contribution of health care to health inequalities

Project funded by: MRC Capacity Building PhD Studentship

November 2009-November 2012

Key Contact: Edward Kendall

Supervisors: Professor Rosalind Raine and Professor Steve Morris

Inequality in health between the rich and poor is a topic of concern in England. The reduction of health inequality is a widely held aim, taken up by political parties, the Department of Health and the National Health Service. Though intensive research has shown in detail the wide range of determinants that cause health to be unequal, less work has been done to quantify these contributions. This PhD evaluates the effect health care has on health inequalities at both the area level and the individual level in England, first by establishing the overall effect health care has on health, then by linking variations in health care to health inequality. In addition, a new econometric technique to allow analysis of such a relationship over time is developed and applied.