The Department of Applied Health Research has recently been involved in a wide range of research projects and collaborations.

Current Projects

Project title
Key contacts
Project dates
Mixed methods analysis of the London Hyperacute Stroke System: identifying lessons on 24/7 working Dr Penny Xanthopoulou January 2014-December2015
Evaluating the pilot implementation of vaccinating healthy school-aged children against seasonal influenza

Dr Angus Ramsay

Dr Simon Turner

November 2013-May 2016
Personalised Risk Stratification for Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer Dr Nora Pashayan April 2013-March 2017
Health Foundation Improvement Science Fellowship Dr Sonya Crowe
March 2013-February 2016
Primary care characteristics and diagnosis of lung cancer through emergency presentation Professor Rosalind Raine January 2012-December 2014
Polygenic susceptibility to prostate cancer and implications for personalised screening at population level Dr Nora Pashayan September 2011-August 2015
The ASCEND study: Strategies to Reduce the Social Gradient in Bowel Cancer Screening
Professor Rosaline Raine

March 2011–February 2016
Social inequalities in health and longevity in older age: explanations and future trends
Dr Madhavi Bajekal

July 2009-June 2015
Innovations in major system reconfiguration in England: a study of the effectiveness, acceptability and processes of implementation of different models of stroke care Dr Angus Ramsay September 2011–March 2016
Governing patient safety: strengthening infection control and medication safety

Dr Angus Ramsay

Dr Simon Turner

September 2008 ongoing

Past Projects

Project Title
Key Contacts
Project Dates
Evaluating an innovative approach to the diagnostic processes for chronic eye disease: a feasibility study Dr Simon Turner January 2013–June 2014
Improving the effectiveness of multidisciplinary teams for patients with chronic diseases Caoimhe Nic a’ Bháird
Isla Wallace
Dr Penny Xanthopoulou
November 2010-November 2013
The processes of dissemination and implementation of NICE workplace health and wellbeing guidance in three NHS acute Trusts Adrian Baker September 2010-September 2013
Patient and public preferences and priorities regarding the organisation of emergency hospital care Dr Helen Barratt July 2012-September 2013
UCL NHS London 2012 Olympics Programme Evaluation Project Kostas Kononovas
Dr Georgia Black
October 2011-May 2013
QUASER: Quality and Safety in European Union Hospitals Professor Naomi Fulop April 2010-June 2013
An economic analysis of the contribution of health care to health inequalities Edward Kendall November 2009-November 2012
An economic analysis of vertical equity in the delivery of health care in England Dr Laura Vallejo-Torres October 2008-September 2011
Investigating socioeconomic variations in access to chlamydia testing in young people in England Dr Jessica Sheringham November 2008-October 2011
Examining socio-economic inequalities in chlamydia screening and infection in young people
Dr Jessica Sheringham

November 2008-October 2011
Academic input into the review of proposals to downgrade acute services at Chase Farm Hospital, North London Dr Helen Barratt August 2010 - January 2011
Prevalence and predictors of psychological morbidity and quality of life after discharge from Intensive Care Dr Dorothy Wade September 2007-September 2010
Contribution of health care and behavioural change to mortality risk Professor Rosalind Raine September 2006 to September 2009