Rachel Sequeira


Professor Rosalind Raine, University College London

Professor Stephen Duffy, Queen Mary, University of London

Dr Jessica Sheringham, University College London


Department of Health

Project Title

An online, interactive vignette study of GP decision making

Project Summary

GPs are often the first contact for patients who feel unwell. GPs’ decisions during consultations are therefore a major influence on patients’ outcomes; however the factors influencing these are poorly understood.

My PhD involves

- A systematic review about GPs’ decisions, to establish what we can learn from published literature and where the gaps are.

- Developing and using a novel study design to increase our understanding of how GPs make decisions. GPs will complete a series of virtual consultations online, obtaining information by asking ‘patients’ (actors) questions and viewing medical notes or examination findings.

For more information, or if you are a GP and would be interested to take part, email r.sequeira@ucl.ac.uk