Caoimhe Nic a Bhaird


Rosalind Raine, University College London

Professor Susan Michie, University College London

Dr Nora Pashayan, University College London

Project Title

Improving the effectiveness of multidisciplinary team meetings in community mental health

Project Summary

Multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings in community mental health are assumed to improve quality of care by incorporating a range of professional perspectives and providing coherent and comprehensive care plans to service users. However, there is wide variation in how MDT meetings are organised and in how useful staff perceive them to be. There is an urgent need to delineate precisely which aspects of MDT meetings are useful and which need improvement. In a context of diminishing resources and widespread organisational change, there is a pressing need to establish the most effective means of providing high quality care to extremely vulnerable service users. This project will formulate a sound knowledge base for improving the effectiveness of MDT meetings in mental health and develop recommendations to improve patient care.