Angus Ramsay

Senior Research Associate

Phone: +44(0)20 3108 3239


Biographical details

Dr Ramsay joined the Department of Applied Health Research in April 2012. At present, he is working as Senior Research Associate on an HSDR funded evaluation of reconfigured stroke services in London and Greater Manchester.

Angus has a background in cognitive psychology, with a focus on tactile and spatial perception in blind people. He has worked in healthcare research since 2001, covering such topics as sexuality and psychological wellbeing (UCL, 2001-2002), continuity in cancer care (UCL, 2003-2005), and quality improvement in mental health services (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2006-2008). Prior to joining the Department of Applied Health Research, he spent four years as a researcher at the NIHR King’s Patient Safety and Service Quality Research Centre, where he contributed to several projects examining how organisational factors, such as governance systems, influence quality of care.

Academic interests

Angus is particularly interested in using evaluation methods to improve understanding of how organisational factors influence efforts to improve service quality and patient safety.

Publications list

Peer-reviewed journal articles

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Published reports

1. Ramsay A, Fulop N. Understanding the Evidence: Supporting governance of the emerging Clinical Commissioning Groups. London: NHS National Leadership Council, 2011. Available from:

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Other research reports

1. Worrall A, Ramsay A, Gordon K, Maltby S, Beecham J, King S, et al. Evaluation of the Mental Health Improvement Partnerships programme. London: National Co-ordinating Centre for NHS Service Delivery and Organisation, 2008. Available from: