Click on the names below for the contact and biographical details of Department of Applied Health Research staff members.

Rosalind Raine Professor of Health Care Evaluation, UCL Partners Programme Director in Population Health, Director, NIHR CLAHRC North Thames and Head of Department
Steve Morris   Professor of Health Economics, Deputy Head of Department
Naomi Fulop
Professor of Health Care Organisation and Management
Abigail Baim-Lance
Research Associate
Madhavi Bajekal Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Adrian Baker Doctoral Research Fellow
Helen Barratt Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellow
Georgia Black Research Associate
Barbara Bonney
Research Administrator and PA
Kate Collins
Research Administrator, NIHR CLAHRC North Thames (Themes and Academy)
Gabriella Conti
Senior Lecturer in Health Economics
Sonya Crowe
Senior Research Associate
Shahd Daher PhD Student
Susie Edwards
NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Manager
Catherine French
Doctoral Research Fellow
Sarah Garner
Honorary Professor
Mike Grocott Consultant & Honorary Reader in Critical Care
Rachael Hunter Senior Research Associate
Iftekhar Khan PhD Student
Maria Melnychuk
Research Associate
Ramani Moonsinghe Consultant & Honorary Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia
Michelle Morton
NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Administrator
Caoimhe Nic A Bhaird Research Associate
Christina Pagel
Lecturer in Operational Research
Cecily Palmer Research Associate
Nora Pashayan Senior Clinical Lecturer
Nishma Patel Research Associate
Elena Pizzo
Senior Research Associate
Linda Pomeroy
Research Associate
Angus Ramsay
Senior Research Associate
Rafik Rizkallah PhD Student
Jeff Round PhD student & Senior Research Associate
Lale Say  PhD Student
Rachel Sequeira PhD Student
Jessica Sheringham MRC Research Fellow
Francesca Solmi
Research Associate
Ebenezer Tetteh
Research Associate
Mary Thomas Project Manager
Steven Towndrow Communications and Patient and Public Involvement/Engagement (PPI/E) Officer, NIHR CLAHRC North Thames
Simon Turner
Senior Research Associate
Laura Vallejo-Torres Senior Research Associate
Cecilia Vindrola
Research Associate
Talitha Verhoef
 Research Associate
Isla Wallace Research Associate
Andrew Wilshere
CORU/DAHR Research Manager
Penny Xanthopoulou Research Associate