Department of Applied Health Research

The Department of Applied Health Research (DAHR) evaluates health care/population health interventions, services, systems and national policies which are most likely to have a substantial impact on health and on health / health care inequalities. The Department’s focus is on:

  • the need to tackle the social gradient in health and to improve health and health care across all social groups;health care and public health services and measures to influence policy, practice and health related behaviour;
  • evaluating the quality (effectiveness, efficiency, safety, equity and appropriateness) of health/ public health care; 
  • developing the knowledge base about the adoption, implementation and dissemination of evidence based health care and public health interventions.
Head of Department
Professor Rosalind Raine
Deputy Head
Professor Stephen Morris
Ms Terri Charrier
Graduate Tutor
Dr Nora Pashayan


Rosalind Raine is also the Director of National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) North Thames

Steve Morris is also the joint national organiser of the Health Economists' Study Group (HESG)

Naomi Fulop is the current chair of the Health Services Research Network (HSRN)

*** DAHR News *** 

Centralised stroke care saves more lives

A study led by Professor Stephen Morris and Professor Naomi Fulop (UCL Department of Applied Health Research) has found that the centralisation of stroke services in London, which involved the controversial closure of five hospital units, has saved nearly 100 lives a year. Read: Guardian, More: Independent, BBC News, Times (£), Guardian Science, UCL News, Listen: BBC Radio 4 'Today' (mp3 3mins 40secs)

UCL led partnership wins £9 million from NIHR to tackle major health challenges

A collaborative of health researchers led by DAHR’s Professor Rosalind Raine and including UCL and five other world-leading London universities, NHS trusts, UCLPartners, clinical commissioning groups, the Greater London Authority, local authorities, industry and charities, is one of 13 teams in the country to receive a share of £124 million as part of a national NIHR competition.

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) recently announced the results of its national competition to designate and fund Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) initiatives across the country. CLAHRCs are academic and clinical collaborations that conduct innovative research and support its translation into practice for the benefit of patients and the population.

Our CLAHRC, covering north central and north east London, south and west Hertfordshire, south Bedfordshire and south west and mid Essex will receive £9 million in funding over five years from the NIHR. We have also secured matched funding worth £35.3 million from NHS trusts, higher education institutions, clinical commissioning groups, UCLPartners, the Greater London Authority, local authorities, industry and the voluntary and community sector groups.

The funding will be invested in researching innovative treatments and speeding the uptake of new techniques to benefit patients across our ‘local’ population of six million people. It will help ensure patients benefit from new treatments and techniques that could revolutionise the future of healthcare.

Our CLAHRC draws on its existing extensive academic and clinical collaborations, and the depth of expertise of its partners, to deliver improvements in five different themes:

  • Innovations in systems and models of health and healthcare
  • Methodological innovation
  • Optimising behaviour and engagement with care
  • Empowering mental health service users and families
  • Child and adolescent health

Research teams will collaborate across the themes to tackle a wide range of health issues from multiple angles. For example, improving the management of mental and physical health problems in young people; and undertaking a school-based asthma evaluation and delivering a targeted intervention to children with poor asthma control. We will also establish a CLAHRC Academy (led by DAHR’s Professor Naomi Fulop) which will deliver innovative teaching and training to develop world class applied researchers.

Professor Rosalind Raine, Head of UCL’s Department of Applied Health Research, who led the bid said: “We are delighted to be part of this ambitious national initiative. We have brought together Europe's largest concentration of leading applied health researchers to deliver world-class research that will achieve improvements in services and reductions in health and care inequalities.”

Other UCL academics also involved in the CLAHRC include Professor Naomi Fulop, Department of Applied Health Research, (Innovations in systems and models of healthcare theme lead & academy lead); Professor Peter Fonagy, Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, (Empowering mental health service users and families theme lead); Professor Rob Horne, School of Pharmacy, (Optimising behaviour and engagement with care theme lead), Professor Monica Lakhanpaul, Institute of Child Health, (Child and adolescent health deputy theme lead); and Martin Utley, Clinical Operational Research Unit (Methodological innovation deputy theme lead).

Please click on the link below for an introduction to our CLAHRC.

NIHR CLAHRC North Thames