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Joint Registration

You should note that, as an enrolled student of UCL, you may not be registered for or follow another programme or course of study at any other educational institution without authorisation, unless the course is an approved, integral part of your degree programme. If you are required to take some form of assessment at another educational institution, you must apply through your Department for permission to be examined, unless this assessment is an integral part of your programme of study.

Some programmes of study are intercollegiate and are taught at two or more institutions. If you are following such a programme, your primary registration will be with only one of the participating institutions although you may be jointly enrolled at the other(s). If UCL is not your 'home' institution, you will be given a UCL identity card when you enrol which will entitle you to academic access to UCL facilities, including the library and computing services. You will not, however, be a member of UCL Union nor will you be entitled to attend a UCL graduation ceremony or apply for the UCL Access to Learning Fund [ALF].

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