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Lindsey Hughes Postgraduate Bursary

Founded in 2007 with a legacy from Lindsey Audrey Jennifer Hughes (1949-2007), Professor of Russian History at the School of Slavonic of East European Studies 1987-2007

The bursary aims to encourage, promote and support research and study in the area of Russian History or Russian Culture.

1. One Bursary, known as the Lindsey Hughes Postgraduate Bursary may be awarded in each academic session. 

2. The Bursary is open to currently registered postgraduate students pursuing research leading to a PhD in Russian History or Russian Culture at The School of Slavonic and East European Studies at University College London. 

3. In order to be considered for a bursary, candidates must submit an application form to the SSEES Graduate Studies Administrator by the first working day after 1 December

4. Applications should consist of an application form accompanied by a statement from the applicant of no more than 500 words on their research project, to include a summary of work completed to date and a prospective date of submission; and a letter of support from the supervisor. Click here to download the application form.

5. The criteria for awarding the Bursary are academic excellence and financial need. This is understood to mean students who:

a. are currently registered in good standing for a PhD degree at SSEES; AND
b. do not hold a full (fees and maintenance) award from another source and are currently in their third or fourth year of study; OR
c. hold a fees-only scholarship in any year of study.

6. The eligibility and qualifications of candidates are considered by the SSEES Teaching Committee (Research). 

7. The Bursary is awarded by UCL Council on the recommendation of the Director of SSEES, or other senior officer of SSEES nominated by the Director.

8. The initial value of each Bursary is £700 to be periodically reviewed and kept in line with the annual income generated by the investment of the Lindsey Hughes Legacy Trust account. 

9. Previous tenure of this Bursary does not debar a candidate from competing on a second occasion. 

10. The Bursary will be paid in a single payment. It will be administered by the Student Funding Office once they have received confirmation of the successful candidate. 

11. The Bursary may not be held alongside any other full (fees and maintenance) award. 

12. All bursaries and awards are subject to the provisions of the UCL General Regulations for Scholarships, Prizes, Medals and Bursaries.

For further information contact: sees-research@ucl.ac.uk Tel: 020 7679 8775 (Internal Ext. 28775)