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The Alan Ferguson Memorial Prize

Founded in memory of Alan Ferguson, former lecturer in the History of the South Slavs at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies from 1975 to 1980.

  1. A prize known as the Alan Ferguson Memorial Prize may be awarded in each session.
  2. The prize is awarded on the recommendation of the Director of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies.
  3. The prize is awarded to a final-year undergraduate student who has shown excellence in the study of South East Europe, especially the former Yugoslavia region, in any one of the four programmes: Economics and Business; History; Languages and Culture; Politics and Sociology. Consideration will be given to the overall profile over the years of the degree and to performance on a final-year dissertation or courses related to South East Europe (e.g. ‘The Age of Extremes in the Balkans’, ‘The Balkans from Empires to Nation States’, ‘Religion in South-Eastern Europe’, specialist courses in the literature and culture of South Eastern Europe, particularly Serbian and Croatian literature, or Romanian or Bulgarian literature).
  4. The total value of the prize is £200 and will be used for the purchase of books. In the event of there being more than one nomination in the same year, the prize will be shared equally by the recipients. Each recipient shall also receive a biography of Alan Ferguson together with a bookplate in his memory.
  5. The qualifications of candidates are considered by the School’s South-East European studies staff.
  6. The Award shall be announced in the summer.
  7. The College reserves the right to vary these regulations should it become necessary to do so in order to ensure the continued use of the resources of the fund.
  8. Awards are subject to the provision of the General Regulations.