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Rail Strikes and Examinations- Latest Advice 

It has been announced that the Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) Union have cancelled planned strike action which was due to disrupt services on 25th and 26th May. All services will now run as normal on the above dates and there will be no impact on students travelling to examinations.


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Ellen Richards Prize

In July 1920 Dr F.W. Oliver, quain Professor of Botany, reported that the Ellen Richards Committee (Association to aid Scientific Research by Women) decided to hand over the sum of 1,000 dollars to be added to the capital of the Sarah M. Baker Prize. In explanation of this offer, it was stated that a few months before her death, Dr Sarah Baker had submitted a thesis in competition for the Ellen Richards Research Prize of 1,000 dollars, that the referees took a high value of the thesis, but at the time of Sarah Baker's death, no decision had been reached as to the award. The income to be derived from the Ellen Richards Fund is available only when a woman receives the Sarah M. Baker Memorial Prize

  1. The Sarah M. Baker Memorial Prize may be awarded in each session.

  2. If the Sarah M. Baker Memorial Prize is awarded to a woman she receives also the Ellen Richards Prize.

  3. The Prize is awarded by the Council on the recommendation of the Faculty of Life Sciences.

  4. The Prize is awarded for the encouragement of botanical research.

  5. More than one Prize may be awarded in the session if the state of the Fund permits.

  6. The value of the Sarah M. Baker Memorial Prize is £300.

  7. The value of the Ellen Richards Prize is £275.

  8. A candidate must be a past or present student in the Department of Genetics, Evolution & Environment (GEE), or, before 1987, Department of Botany and Microbiology, or, before 1969, Department of Botany. A former prizewinner may be a candidate.

  9. Candidates must send written notice of their intention to compete for the Prize to the GEE Graduate Tutor on or before 15 May.

  10. The qualifications of candidates are considered by the GEE Head of the Department

  11. The Prizewinner is expected to undertake botanical research, either at University College or elsewhere, approved by the GEE Head of the Department

  12. The award is announced in July.

  13. Payment is made on or about 15 July.

  14. Awards are subject to the provisions of the General Regulations.

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