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Faculty Medals and Prizes


Instituted in 1964

  1. The Medals and Prizes listed in the Schedule below, hereinafter referred to as 'Faculty Medals', may be awarded in each session.
  2. Faculty Medals are awarded by the recommendation of the appropriate Faculty.
  3. Subject to regulation 4 below, Faculty Medals are awarded to students who have taken the final examination for an undergraduate degree at UCL in the year for which the awards are made, and who are reported by the appropriate Faculties to be the most distinguished of such students.
  4. In addition, the Faculty of Medical Sciences Medal may be awarded to a student who has taken the examination for an intercalated BSc Degree approved for the purpose of the award by the Medical School, and who has passed in the preceding year the Examinations in Years 1 and 2 of the MBBS programme. 
  5. The Medals are silver medals engraved with the name of the Medallist and the relevant academic year. With each Medal there is a Prize of £100.
  6. No application is necessary. The qualifications of students eligible for the award of the Medals are considered by the appropriate Faculties.
  7. Awards are nominated and forwarded to UCL Student Funding Office by the appropriate Faculties
  8. Awards are announced at the graduation ceremonies


Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Name of medal: Rosa Morison Memorial Medal

Founded in 1913 in memory of Miss Rosa Morison, Lady Superintendent of Women Students, 1883-1912, by her Friends, Colleagues and Students at University College, College Hall, and Queen's College

Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences

Name of medal: Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences Medal

Faculty of the Built Environment

Name of medal: Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment Medal

Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Name of medal: Goldsmid Medal

Provided out of the income of a fund left to the College in 1875 by Sir F.H. Goldsmid, Bt, formerly Treasurer

Faculty of Laws

Name of medal: Andrews Medal

The Andrews Fund was received in 1848 from Mr Henry Vaughan under the pseudonym of 'A Friend of Civil and Religious Liberty'; it was given to commemorate the recovery from a dangerous illness of the donor's mother Mary Vaughan (née Andrews)

Faculty of Life Sciences

Name of medal: Faculty of Life Science Medal

Faculty of Brain Sciences

Name of medal:  Faculty of Brain Sciences Medal

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Name of medal:  Faculty of Medical Sciences Medal

Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Name of medal:  Kathleen Lonsdale Medal

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