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Rowney Bursary Fund

Instituted in 1972 from gifts made by Mr T.H. Rowney and Messrs George Rowney and Company Limited

  1. The Council makes grants from time to time from the Rowney Bursary Fund.

  2. The grants are made on the recommendation of the Slade Professor of Fine Art.

  3. Candidates for the grants must be students in the Slade School of Fine Art and must be in need of financial assistance to enable them to continue with their work while at the School.

  4. Candidates must give full information of their financial circumstances to the Slade Professor.

  5. The Slade Professor may, if he thinks fit, require a candidate to undertake to repay the grant within a stated period.

  6. The grant may be paid forthwith, or may be applied to the payment of fees, at the discretion of the Slade Professor.

  7. Awards are subject to the provisions of the General Regulations.