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David Thomas Award

Founded in 1995 by Jenny Rossiter, who graduated from the DPU in 1994, in memory of her husband, David Thomas, a Financial Times journalist who was killed on assignment in Kuwait in April 1991

  1. A scholarship known as the David Thomas Award may be awarded in each session.

  2. The Scholarship is awarded by the Council on the recommendation of the Development Planning Unit.

  3. The Scholarship is awarded to assist a DPU student to travel to a developing country to research on matters directly related to his or her Master's Dissertation or Thesis in the field of housing studies.

  4. The value of the Prize is about £300 or such sum as shall be determined by the David Thomas Award Committee.

  5. Applications must be submitted to the David Thomas Award Committee at the DPU no later than 31 May. The application should consist of a written statement of not more than 500 words stating the nature of the study to be undertaken, why the grant is required and a brief budget justifying the request.

  6. The qualifications of candidates are considered by a Committee consisting of the Director of the DPU, the Director of the Housing Master's Course and Jenny Rossiter or her representative.

  7. The award is announced in June.

  8. Award winners will be required to write a short report of no more than 300 words after completing their travel, accounting for the expenditure of the grant.

  9. The College reserves the right to vary these regulations should it become necessary to do so in order to ensure the continued use of the resources in the fund.

  10. Awards are subject to the provision of the General Regulations.