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Burhop Prize

Provided since 1985 out of the income from a bequest of Richard Quain, F.R.S., Professor of Anatomy, 1832-50 and of Clinical Surgery, 1850-66, who desired the name of his brother, Sir John Richard Quain, to be associated with his own in regard to the bequest

  1. The Burhop Prize may be awarded in each session.

  2. The Prize is awarded by the Council on the recommendation of the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

  3. The Prize is awarded to the best third year student taking a first degree course in Physics, Applied Physics or Mathematics/Physics in the year for which the award is made.

  4. The value of the Prize is £100.

  5. No application is necessary.

  6. The qualifications of candidates are considered by the Quain Professor of Physics.

  7. The award is announced in July.

  8. Awards are subject to the provisions of the General Regulations.