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Barto dos Santos Memorial Award

Founded in 2009

  1. An annual Award will be made to a postgraduate student in their final year of study at the Slade School of Fine Art.

  2. The total Award will be for £5,000.

  3. The Award will be made to a student of outstanding achievement.

  4. The Award will be made by a committee of Slade staff chaired by the Slade Professor.

  5. The Fund will be spent in its entirety.

  6. At such time when there are insufficient funds remaining to make a full award, the remaining balance will be used for a prize.

  7. The first prize will be made at the end of the 2008/9 academic year.

  8. In the unlikely event that no suitable candidate for an Award can be identified, more than one Award may be made in the following year.

  9. If the value of the fund increases due to additional donations then these regulations will be reviewed.